What to look for in a quality repair...

  • Does the repairer perform all the work “in house”, or do they sub-contract it out?
  • Does the repairer have full engineering facilities, or do they rely on third parties?
  • What experience does the repairer have?
  • Who are his key clients?

Is the repairer the principal product supplier and the applicator, i.e. is the service a “Supply and Apply” full service?

Quality and EfficiencyObviously a repairer who supplies the product and applies it, in house, and without relying on third parties is a more reliable repairer, with less exposure to factors contributing to a sub-standard repair. Experience in the industry and a good track record are also added insurance to a quality repair.

Quality and Efficiency

Rezitech strives to bring industry easier maintenance solutions that provide quality, cost effective, efficient and long lasting results for our valued clients.  our availability and reliability to our clients is second to none to guarantee you have a strong business partner in rezitech.

We deliver an integrated industry service, ensuring Rezitech is a truly complete solutions provider!

Why Rezitech Services?

Because Rezitech Services' products include a series of high quality repair compounds designed for use in a range of equipment. Our vacuum pump Range is also of high quality, with focus on stainless steel components, which make our range competitive both in structure and pricing.

We pride ourselves on setting new "standards" for repairs by offering a complete industrial solutions package. This high quality product range and our ability to provide an industrial solution to a maintenance problem are the major benefits to the buyer. The manufacturer who incorporates our range of solutions into their equipment experiences a significant reduction in equipment malfunctions and thus a reduction in their maintenance expenses.

The Belzona® range is made up of simple products solving complex problems!

Rezitech Services' vacuum pump repair and maintenance service, incorporates use of the Belzona® range of products with an exclusive repair process.

All of that, coupled with more than 35 years experience in the industry, and full engineering and machining facilities at our site, means entrusting your maintenance and repairs with us a secure and reliable option.

We challenge you to look at what we have to offer, with full engineering workshop and machining facilities, we perform in house work for our customers, have more than 40 years experience and expertise in the industry and have a list of key clients to be proud of.

To learn more contact us and speak to one of our experts about quality repairs with Rezitech.