"SpoSponge-Jet in Action at Cape Lambert!nge-Jet" is the world leader in dry, low dust abrasive blasting technology. The Media can be

re-used up to ten times and more (depending on the application)!

Rezitech is proud to be the sole Australian distributor where we have introduced this technology

into applications required to be friendly to the environment, i.e. aquatic surroundings, offering blast

cleaning and profiling together with reduced soluble chlorides levels not seen with traditional

blasting methods.

This cost effective process has proven to be the best available package for many of our large paint

and blast contractors, such as John Holland Group.




John Holland Awarded $186 Million Cape Lambert

Port B Wharf Extension Contract

Cape Lambert Port B Wharf ExtensionPerth, 7 February, 2013: John Holland has been awarded a $186 million contract to deliver the Cape

Lambert Port B – Wharf Extension project on behalf of Rio Tinto Iron Ore Expansion Projects.

The project will extend the wharf currently being constructed by John Holland to provide an additional two berths at Rio Tinto’s Cape Lambert Port B (as part of its announced expansion to 353 Mt annual capacity).

John Holland Group Managing Director, Glenn Palin, said the project will draw on John Holland’s industry-leading skills in marine construction and fabrication.

“We believe that John Holland’s strong track record in the successful delivery of major wharf projects in the resources sector would have been a major contributor to this award,” he said.

“In addition, the project team pulled together a smart modularisation, procurement and logistics solution by working closely with our colleagues at Leighton Asia. This offshore strategy, which reflects our broader focus on developing strong partnerships with organisations with complementary skills, will provide surety for our client on the timing for project delivery.”

Mr Palin said John Holland is also leading the way in environmental innovation in the area.



“In early 2012, the Cape Lambert project trialled a “Sponge Jet” blasting and recovery system in place of a more conventional garnet abrasive blasting unit. This absorbs particles and prevents them from becoming airborne over water at the site.”

“This vastly reduces dust levels and significantly cuts any risk of contamination.”



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