Robuschi Pumps

Robuschi RVS liquid ring vacuum pumps are a single stage block model...

With the following features:Robuschi RVS Pumps

  • Vacuum pressure up to 4200 cu. m/h;
  • Suction capacity up to 33 mbar abs;
  • Able to pump gases and vapours;
  • Able to handle liquid together with gas;
  • Nearly isothermal compression of gases;
  • No lubricant in contact with pumped gases;
  • Safe operation and minimum maintenance;
  • Reduced noise and vibration;
  • Can be used for different applications with proper selection of construction materials and service fluid.

Fields of Application

The RVS pumps are suitable to compress gas and vapours in the process of sterilisation, concentration, drying, impregnation, plastic extrusion, degassing and extraction of non-condensable gas from condensers in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, pulp and paper, sugar, textile, in power plant industry and in hospitals.

Design Features

  • New patented, laser cut, stainless steel distribution plate;
  • New bearing bracket for /SG version interchangeable with RMV pump type.

Bearing Bracket

The pumps of the type /M (sizes 3 + 16) are directly coupled to the flange of an electric motor standard bearings. The pump of the type /SG (sizes 7 + 21) are supported by a bearing bracket with two sealed bearings life lubricated with grease. The vacuum pumps sizes 23 + 60 have two bearing brackets with bearings grease lubricated (sealed and life lubricated for sizes 23 + 25).

Drive Shaft Seals

Up to size 25 the shaft is sealed by single mechanical seals according to EN 12756 (ex. DIN24960), flushed by service liquid. The shaft of sizes 30-60 is sealed by soft packing seal flushed with service liquid in the standard design. Single or double mechanical seals flushed from external source are available upon request. The shaft is not in contact with pumped liquids or gases (excluded sizes 23-25).


The pump must be continuously fed with service liquid, normally water (oils, organic liquids etc. can also be used), while working in a sufficient rate to eliminate the heat produced by the compression of gases and to replace any liquid which flows out of the pump together with the gas. The service liquid can be separated from the gas in a liquid separator and can be recirculated either partially or entirely, after intermediate cooling. Under difficult working conditions, a device can be installed to reduce the cavitation problem.

Robuschi RVS 40/CT Robuschi RVS 60/CT