Pump Systems

In addition to the standard FLOWTECH vacuum pump range we can tailor a pump system to suit your needs and/or specifications.

A pre-engineered package could include:

      • Electric Motor, Base, Pulleys and Belts
      • Seal Water Controls and Discharge Air / Water Separators
      • Vacuum Pre-Separators with Extraction Pumps
      • Seal Water Recirculation systems with Heat Exchangers or Cooling Towers
      • Air of Steam Ejectors and Inter-Condensers for high vacuum applications

Compressor Package

Compressor Applications

The FLOWTECH Range can also be used in compressor applications up to 150 kPa (g) discharge pressure.

The package pictured here is operated as a vinyl chloride monomer compressor at a chemical plant.

For further details on the Flowtech Vacuum Pump range or technical assistance with the design of your Vacuum Pump system, please contact us.