Flowtech Vacuum Pumps Have Revitalised Some of Australia's Leading CompaniesA Nash End Cover Reconditioned by Flowtech

It is a measure of Flowtech's proven technology that many of Australia's biggest companies have enthusiastically embraced the use of Flowtech reconditioned pumps in the following industries:

  • Pulp and Paper
  • Mining
  • Food
  • Textiles
  • Brewing
  • Packaging
  • Sugar
  • Beverage, and
  • Chemical

Flowtech Modified Pumps Cut Costs, Reduce Down-time and Increase Productivity

To keep your plant expenditure down, it is vital your pumps deliver efficient, reliable performance.

Lost hours due to down-time can have a critical effect on your cash flow and profit. Not to mention the large costs associated with buying new pumps.

Many companies are overcoming these problems and acutally increasing efficiency by using the proven technology of Flowtech modified pumps.

This attractive alternative offers the unbeatable combination of increased productivity benefits and lower initial cost.

The Many Flow-on Benefits of Flowtech Vacuum Pumps

Various sized pumps ready for despatchVital savings on purchase price...

Not only can you buy a Flowtech modified pump at less than a new equivalent, but you will have a superior pump.

Vital savings on cost...

Flowtech vacuum pumps are completely revitalised and modified using the most advanced technology for improved performance.

All wearing parts such as bearings and seals are replaced. Tolerances between rotor and cones are precision wet using special assembly techniques to ensure maximum performance.

More importantly, all surfaces subject to wear or exposed to process fluids are specially coated for extra protectiion and longer life.

So, unlike a new pump, a Flowtech modified pump is protected against wear, increasing its efficiency and working life.

Flowtech customers have reported that they have achieved better vacuum than new units.

Vital savings on service and power costs...

The three enemies of liwuid ring vacuum pumps are corrosion, cavitation and erosion.

Corrosion in the form of rust or chemical degradation continually exposes bare metal surfaces to attack from cavitation and erosion.

However, pumps modified by Flowtech, are protected against erosion, resulting in increased services life.  in fact, Flowtech modified pumps have a service life often exceeding new units.

In addition, this special inner surface treatment reduces friction which means liquid flows more easily, reducing power consumption.

Vital savings on down time...

Modified and reconditioned sections of a Nash pumpMore than disrupting operations, down-time can affect your cash flow and bottom line profit. Also, ordering a new pump can involve long delays in delivery.

With Flowtech, costly problems such as these are virtually eliminated.

We supply a wide cross section of modified-reconditioned, fully guaranteed pumps ready for immediate use.

This provides you with access to suitable pumps to replace damaged units, or meet increased production demands.

Furthermore, Flowtech pumps are dimensionally compatible with most existing systems so fitting difficulties are minimised.

With Flowtech pumps, down-time is reduced to an absolute minimum and productivity is maintained to a maximum.