What is Rezitech E-Learn Central?

At The ComputerRezitech e-learn central is an exclusive online learning portal specially designed to give our customers and personnel the opportunity to further develop their skills in repair, maintenance and efficiency enhancement using the proven systems of Belzona® and Rezitech repair solutions.

At Rezitech e-learn central we are very pleased to be able to offer our valued customers the very first....

“Belzona® Validated Customer Training” course, which consists of two parts:

Belzona® Theory Element (on-line); and

The Practical “hands-on” Element (on-site).

This means that your personnel only have to be off the job to attend the on-site practical component of the course, saving time and money for your business!

About The Course....

This program will help you, and your personnel who undertake the course, to identify areas within your operations where Belzona® products offer a viable repair, protection or improvement for your machinery and equipment.

By the conclusion of the course the learner will be able to determine where a Belzona® solution is practical, and be fully conversant with what is involved in performing a successful Belzona® application.

The course is broken into two sections with the first section being conducted on-line via the Rezitech website.  

The course is FREE, and the on-line section will take around four hours to complete.The Course Kit

Simply register your nominated candidates to undertake the course by completing the e-learn registration list and we will provide user names, passwords and e-learn kits back to you within seven days.

Following completion of the on-line section of the course, we will arrange to come to your site to perform the practical, “hands on” portion of the program.

The training conducted at your site will be customised toward your industry so we will cover applications that are quite specific to your business.  Course participants will be required to mix and apply Belzona® product and typical simulated applications will include repair to damaged flanges without machining, cold curing emergency repair to a torn or holed conveyor belt and repair damaged concrete.

The Course Participant Receives....

Each course participant receives an e-learning kit prior to commencement of their course.

At completion of the on-site training element of the course a Validation Certificate will be issued to all participants, which will remain current whilst employed or contracted to your company.

In addition each successful learner will be granted access to confidential technical areas of both the Belzona® and Rezitech websites plus participants will be provided with hard copy technical data relating to the training.


To learn more about enrolling yourself and/or your personnel in the “Belzona® Validated Customer Training” course simply contact us for a free no obligation discussion on what we can do to help you!