The Belzona® Solution

Belzona in ActionSince 1972 Rezitech has been the sole Australian Distributor for the exclusive range of Belzona® Repair and Maintenance Products and with Belzona® been able to save our customers money, time and stress for more than 40 years.

Belzona® is the world leader in the design and manufacture of innovative polymeric repair and maintenance products.

Their unconventional approach to the problems of abrasion, wear, erosion-corrosion, mechanical or impact damage, chemical attack, and environmental damage:

  • Reduce Downtime;
  • Lower Maintenance Costs;
  • Extend Equipment Life;
  • Improve Efficiency; and
  • Simplify Maintenance Procedures.

Belzona SystemAt Rezitech we provide a complete maintenance and efficiency solution. By bringing our On-site Technical Consultants to you they can:

  • Diagnose the problem;
  • Recommend an appropriate solution;
  • Train applicators on-site;
  • Supervise the application.

Belzona Products

1000 Series

Metallic Polymers

for: Coating & Protection | Repair and Rebuild

Repair, protection, and improvement of engineered components.

2000 Series

Elastomeric Polymers

Flexible repair and coating applications.

3000 Series

Polymeric Membranes

Weather and water proofing of buildings, structures and insulation.

4000 Series

Magma Polymers

Repair and protection of concrete and stonework.

5000 Series

Environmental Barrier Polymers

for: Machinery & Equipment | Structures

Improved safety and protection against corrosion and weathering.

of Series

Safety Surfacing Polymers

Improved safety and protection against corrosion and weathering.