Our Mission and Values

Our Mission

Our Business Core Values

To provide industry with easier maintenance solutions that provide cost effective, efficient and long lasting results for our valued clients.

To provide an integrated industry service by striving for Rezitech being a truly complete solutions provider!

Our Values

We value the needs of our clients and place a huge emphasis on providing specialist skills and knowledge.

From engineering to fitting, blasting or coating to sales, administration and customer service, we highly value our organisation and encourage diversity and  growth to benefit our client and our great team of people.

Our Vision

To strive for excellence in our delivery of high quality industrial maintenance solutions.
To be our clients’ preferred choice when it comes to solving all of their maintenance and new pump needs while helping to reduce their carbon imprint.

Health and Safety

Rezitech is committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of its employees, contractors, visitors and customers who may be affected by Rezitech’s operations.

We strive to pursue standards of safety that meet and exceed statutory duties.

Our Community and the Environment

While providing solutions for our clients Rezitech focuses on identifying ways to improve business environmental performance while increasing productivity and reducing costs of production for the benefit our clients and hence the community.

The Future

To continue to strive for excellence!

To continue to lead the way in industrial maintenance solutions and services and provide our clientele with high quality, complete and reliable products and services.