With Belzona and SpongeJet, we have numerous applications available for all industries, many universal applications and many exclusive ones.

We understand the importance of ensuring that both routine and emergency maintenance and repairs are done efficiently and cost effectively and work with our customers to select the perfect solution for their needs, including making sure that applications follow best practice principles.

Our solutions offer simple, safe, and effective means to assist with these concerns by providing features seldom found elsewhere:

  • In situ repairs which drastically reduce time for removal of parts
  • Cold cure that do not pose the dangers of hot work
  • Ease in application allowing for in-house repairs

The choice to refurbish instead of replace is a benefit to all industries by saving not only time, but money.

Many of our applications not only suit specialist fields but for general industry too. For an idea of what applications Rezitech can assist your industry with, follow these links: